DOD Instruction 4170.11

Department of Defense Instruction: Installation Energy Management

DOD Instruction 4170.11 (.pdf, 1.2Mb), 11 December 2009, provides procedures for DOD installation energy management and pertains to all phases of administration, planning, programming, budgeting, operations, maintenance, training and material acquisition activities that impact the supply, reliability and consumption of energy at DOD installations. This instruction implements DOD Directive 4140.25 (.pdf, 49Kb) "DOD Management Policy for Energy Commodities and Related Services," 12 April 2004 which updated the policies and responsibilities to: 1) manage energy commodities; 2) minimize the number and complexity of fuels and maximize the use of commercial fuel; and 3) continue authorization to publish DOD 4140.25-M "DOD Management of Bulk Petroleum Products, Natural Gas and Coal" and other DOD publications on energy commodities.