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Fort Bliss

Alternative fuel station at Ft. Bliss

Alternative fuel station at Ft. Bliss (.jpg, 207Kb)

The Ft. Bliss Army Base in Texas is the home of a retrofitted 10,000 gallon E85 pump. The facility includes two pumps and nozzles for the clean burning alternative fuel.

"Ft. Bliss has been ordering alternatively fueled vehicles for a few years, both flexible fuel and bi-fuel," said Jesus Moncada, Environmental Engineer, Air Quality Program Manager at Ft. Bliss. The next step was to add E85 to their choice of fuels.

Moncada also added that the site is currently only open to vehicles on the Ft. Bliss campus. "We are considering having it open to other government agencies."

"Overall, I am excited that we are making our first step into alternative fuels. El Paso City, which surrounds the installation, is currently designated as non-attainment for ozone, PM-10 and carbon monoxide. We want to demonstrate that Ft. Bliss is committed to the city and community that we are an environmental steward and care about the community that supports our soldiers," commented Moncada.

The site also carries unleaded gasoline and diesel. They plan to carry CNG and biodiesel soon.