Pacific Region (PARO)

U.S. Army Installation Management Command
Pacific Region Energy Management Forum
17-21 March 2008

The Pacific Region sponsored the first DoD and Army Energy Management Forum to be held in Hawaii at Fort Shafter on 17-21 March 2008 in partnership with Department of Energy’s (DOE) Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP). The objectives of the forum were to: 1) educate Army and other DoD Energy and Utility Managers throughout our region on the latest mandated energy and water management requirements with focus on renewable energy, 2) share tools and implementing guidance to meet the requirements, and 3) provide relevant training.

The first two days were focused on DoD with presentations that included: updates of World/Pacific/Hawaii energy issues and trends from industry, State of Hawaii, and East-West Center; OUSD, DOE, and industry updates on renewable energy policies, technology, and financing alternatives; and GSA support of energy policies. Approximately 65 attendees participated from Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, Army National Guard and Reserve, Army Corps of Engineers, Pacific Command, Defense Energy Support Center, DeCA, AAFES, State of Hawaii, and DOE.

The third day was an Army-only forum and 30 representatives from all Pacific region installations and Army National Guard and Reserve attended. Topics included energy and utilities privatization updates from OACSIM, Army metering implementation plan, and Army design guidance for sustainable construction. In the afternoon, IMCOM Pacific garrisons participated in a roundtable discussion on how to meet the energy requirements. The last two days were devoted to workshops for financing energy efficiency and renewable energy projects conducted by FEMP and a basic utilities rate analysis training by CH Guernsey. Finally, a tour of the City and County of Honolulu waste-to-energy (H-power) plant at Kapolei on the last day concluded the forum. Plans are being made to make this an annual event with each service taking turns as sponsor.

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Presentations - DoD Forum

Presentations - Army Forum