AEWRS (formerly HQRADDS)

AEWRS (Army Energy and Water Reporting System) is deployed. New users must plan on watching the online tutorial if they did not participate in the live, online training sessions that occurred the week of 18 July 2005. The online tutorials are available.

AEWRS contains Army installation energy consumption data. Each installation is responsible for inputting accurate data each month. Various government offices for energy conservation evaluation and other decision makers can then access this information. Authorized users have access to 30 AEWRS and 15 Energy Manager reports. Reports can be shown for a specific installation, region, MACOM, or Army wide.

Recent Changes


Improvements to AEWRS in FY 2009

September 30, 2009

Software installation/upgrades on development and Production servers:

Security updates on development and Production servers:

Security fixes:

Development server certificates were accidentally revoked by Registration authority effectively shutting down the development environment. A key pair was created, certificates received and installed on the application server.

Upgrades on AEWRS:

FY 2008

Improvements to AEWRS in FY 2008

Interface with HQEIS/IFS

Energy Managers (EM) module modified to accommodate the requirements originated during the year:

Other system modification:

User Manual was updated

System security was maintained. New password requirements were enforced, and DIACAP requirements addressed.

FY 2007

Updates to the Army Energy and Water Reporting System in FY 2007

Interface with HQEIS/IFS

The Office of the Assistant Chief of Staff for Installations has linked the Army Energy and Water Reporting System (AEWRS) with real property data located in the Headquarters Executive Information System (HQEIS) in order to improve data consistency and eliminate duplicative building square footage data reporting.

Importing installation real property data from HQEIS into AEWRS relieves installation energy managers of the burden of transcribing and inputting square footage as part of energy reporting as that data is already being reported by real property managers quarterly into the Army's real property inventory and HQEIS, the Army's official database of record for building square footage data.

Reporting changed in accordance with Army Component Structure

Report functionality modified to run for Active Army, ARNG or USAR. Installations, Regions and Command reports can be run individually.

Energy Managers (EM) module expanded
The EM module was expanded to include sections to capture data on the following:

Renewable Energy reported separately under EM module

Renewable products (Wind, Geothermal, Solar photovoltaic, Solar thermal, Hydropower, Hydrokinetic) were removed from AEWRS utility screens and included under Renewable section.

Installations Regrouped
Installations and command responsibilities regrouped in accordance with HQ IMCOM's request.

FY 2006

During FY 2006, AEWRS was greatly enhanced to meet the reporting requirements of the Energy Policy Act of 2005. Specific enhancements include:

An Energy Managers module has also been added to AEWRS and includes:

Validate Data

ACSIM Memo (.pdf, 49Kb) 22 Dec 2004 - Utilities Usage Reporting at Installations with RCI Housing