The goals of the Army's energy and water management program are to:

In FY09, the Army was able to improve energy efficiency to a level of 89.8 million British thermal units per square foot of buildings, a reduction of 7.2 percent from base year FY03 consumption levels, but an increase over FY08 of 2.6%. The Army made progress toward increasing energy security during FY09, but lost progress toward the reduction goal due to increased military activities of training, mobilization, deployment, and global defense posture realignment, in addition to an increase in troop strength.

Since 1985, an investment of over $685 million under various direct funding programs such as the Energy Conservation and Investment Program (ECIP) and OMA funding has resulted in significant energy savings. Substantial funding has also been applied toward maintenance projects that have enhanced energy performance while repairing facilities. In addition, there has been a private sector investment in excess of $945 million under Energy Savings Performance Contracts (ESPC) and Utility Energy Services Contracting (UESC).