Energy Awareness and Conservation Assessments (EACA)

What is EACA?

An Energy Awareness and Conservation Assessment (EACA) consist of building surveys and presentations. An energy survey team will perform building surveys for approximately four days to observe operations and identify energy savings opportunities. Region support and participation is essential for a successful assessment and follow-up action.

Scheduling Assessments

Energy Engineering Analysis Program (EEAP)

What is EEAP?

The Energy Engineering Analysis Program (EEAP), as discussed in AR 420-1, is primarily to assist garrisons in achieving energy reduction goals to meet EPACT 2005 mandates. To do this, a team of energy experts from Huntsville Engineering and Support Center (HNC), Construction Engineering Research Laboratory (CERL), and Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) has been formed to conduct these detailed site energy surveys. The EEAP team will work with the garrison to identify energy saving opportunities, funding strategies, and provide assistance to DPWs to develop projects (e.g., provide technical expertise, prepare DD Form 1391s, and assist with project management).

Scheduling Assessments